Barecchia: our Products.

As a center of "harnesses making", Barecchia covers the full range of wire manufacturing, from an offer of co-engineering during the design phase of the devices until their installation and their integration into the final products.Barecchia srl is also an assembler of electromechanical or electronic devices using the cabling products, offering to the customer tested subsets ready to be mounted on its production lines.

wiring & electromechanical assemblies

BARECCHIA S.R.L. Registered Office: Via Cantone, 13 - 81020 San Marco Evangelista (Caserta, Campania, Italy)

Work:  Viale delle Industrie, 34 - 81020 San Marco Evangelista (CE) Tel: 0823512090 Fax: 0823512078

Corporation Stock: 178.500,00 € / P.Iva 02446260610 C.C.I.A.A. CE 174055