Barecchia: “Quality first”.

Manufacturing of variously designed wire harnesses, based on the cut and crimp or insulation displacement (IDC) technology, for multiple applications, industrial and consumer. Electromechanical assemblies. Internal system for quality and environment certified by recognized organizations. UL certification for U.S. and Canada supply. Testing of product on dedicated tools according to customer specs.

BARECCHIA S.R.L. Registered Office: Via Cantone, 13 - 81020 San Marco Evangelista (Caserta, Campania, Italy)

Work:  Viale delle Industrie, 34 - 81020 San Marco Evangelista (CE) Tel: 0823512090 Fax: 0823512078

Corporation Stock: 178.500,00 € / P.Iva 02446260610 C.C.I.A.A. CE 174055

wiring & electromechanical assemblies